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Compass - WWII Brass Pocket Compass

Compass - WWII Brass Pocket Compass

The compass opened the world to exploration and discovery. Invented in China thousands of years ago, it was primarily used by feng-shui priests, hired to advise on how and where to build. Today the compass still is a basic tool, a magnetized needle rotating on a vertical pin, pointing at the Earth’s magnetic North. 16th century sailors accustomed to following coastlines, could suddenly cross oceans. Sailors now devised a compass course, while still using their age-old knowledge of steering by fixed stars, ocean currents and prevailing winds to establish position.

This WWII Compass is the unlikely combination of decorative and educational. Memorabilia of World War II, this compass takes us back to the era when the whole world declared war against each other. It's a basic tool that has a magnetized needle pointing towards the north of earth's magnetic field. Compass inside is kept safe by a protective case. The detailed finish in brass is phenomenal.

  • Incredible gift for people fascinated by history
  • Can be maintained easily
  • Dimension: 0.8" (H) Inches
  • Diameter: 2.2" Inches

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