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Number Dinosaur

Number Dinosaur

A great numbers recognition memory game for younger children!

1-4 players

Ages 3-8.

Number dinosaur wants to do some arithmetic with you. He has gathered together many things. But exactly how many? Can you help him find the corresponding number?
Whoever's turn it is tries their best to turn over a pair, consisting of a number tile and the corresponding quantity of objects tile. If you turn around a dinosaur tile, you can take the dinosaur fi gure.
The player at the end of the game who has the dinosaur fi gure in front of him can add another dinosaur tile to his pile. The child with the highest dinosaur pile wins.
Contents include 1 number dinosaur (wooden figure), 10 number tiles (numbers from 1-10), 10 quantity tiles (with groups of 1-10 objects), 5 dinosaur tiles and set of game instructions

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